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OwnTheMix.com is a comprehensive audio training solution for the modern church. Learn the secrets to create irresistible worship environments from Dustin Whitt, Audio Engineer, and Chris Green, Music Director at Buckhead Church, the Atlanta campus of Andy Stanley's North Point Ministries, Inc. Your volunteers will have an all-access pass to our growing video library, and are connected to all of the OwnTheMix.com's users through a state-of-the-art social network. Even better, your team are members of the OwnTheMix.com community for life!

The growing video library will teach your beginner, intermediate, and advanced volunteers topics ranging from simple audio concepts to the complexities of mixing.

We transfer the burden of training from your shoulders to ours. No more Saturday morning training sessions with disappointing attendance and time away from families. Your team has 24/7 access to OwnTheMix.com, and the site even tracks their training progress. They are free to learn at their own pace, all in the same place.

As a bonus, OwnTheMix.com also offers another way to enhance your training experience. The Forum environment is a place where your volunteers can ask their specific questions about audio concepts, gear, or their particular church situation. The forums are monitored by church audio experts, audio professionals, and most importantly, volunteers who have been where you are. Dustin and Chris even jump in to answer questions.

Through all of our resources, we are committed to training your team how to operate their gear effectively, connect with your musicians relationally, and learn how to mix musically.

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As Church staff members, we understand the responsibility of being a good steward. Therefore, we have priced OwnTheMix.com so that you can train a volunteer for a lifetime for less money than you would spend for a contracted engineer for one day.

With our highly discounted tier pricing, you can outfit each of your volunteers with their very own account. We have options for every church's situation, and make it easy and affordable to expand your team.


Discounted Total Price

1 $199.00
2 $349.00
3 $449.00
4-10 $499.00*
11-20 $898.00
21-30 $1,197.00
31-40 $1,516.00
41-50 $1,795.00
51+ 8185526937

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(231) 877-5847 has changed the outlook of my audio guys and catalyzed them into action. Thanks @ownthemix

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@OwnTheMix thx for all ur helpful sunday morning tips. Comes in handy here @Watermarke foh!!! U guys rock

@tywintz via Twitter

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from the press